Bulgaria Ancient and Unknown

Bulgaria Ancient and Unknown

PRICE: 420.00 euro per tourist for 45 payable tourists

The price includes:

  • Transport from and to the airport, standard bus – 3* with a hot buffet – tea, coffee, mineral water
  • 6 nights + 6 breakfasts + 6 dinners
  • Accommodation (check-in) in hotels 3 *** / 4 **** in rooms with two beds
  • Technical servicing of the group during the trip
  • Guide servicing in Spanish language during the trip

The price excludes:

  • Local guides
  • 7 lunches
  • Personal nature expenses
  • Entrance fees for the tourist sites
  • Medical insurance for 7 days – 20.00 BGN leva pro tourist
  • Additional payment for single room

Area: 111 000 sq. kilometers.

Population: 7 364  570 (year 2011)

Capital city:  Sofia, with population of about  1  200  000

Official language: Bulgarian language

In Bulgarian resorts, hotels and restaurants are spoken English, German, French and Russian languages

Alphabet: Cyrillic
Road signs: According to the international nomenclature, signs at the airports and resorts are written in latin.
Religion: 86% of the population is Eastern orthodox, 13% are Muslim, 1% profess other religions. Bulgarian Church is autonomous and is headed by a Patriarch.
State government:
Bulgaria is a Parliamentary Republic, the head of the state is a President.
Moderate continental climate with clearly expressed four seasons. In the southern regions feels an influence of a Mediterranean climate. The average temperature during January is approximately 0ºC and the average summer temperature is approximately 30ºC.

Public holidays:
1st of January – New Year
3rd of March – The Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman slavery-National Day
Easter – Moveable feast, one week after the Catholic Easter
1st of May – Day of the Labor
6th of May – Day of the Bulgarian Army
24th of May – Day of Slavic Alphabet and Culture
6th of September – the Union of the Principality of Bulgaria and the Eastern Rumelia
25th of December – Christmas

Famous people born and lived on the territory of contemporary Bulgaria

Orpheus – lived around 1400BC. Legendary Thracian singer and musician who founded the Orpheism study and is considered the greatest singer and poet of antiquity.

Aesop – born in Mesambria (today’s Nesebar, Bulgaria) about 620-560 BC, fabulist.

Spartacus – lived around 109BC, gladiator who heads the biggest slave uprising against Rome. He is from “Maedi” thracian tribe that inhabited the lower flow of StrumaIvan Rilski /876-946/ – Bulgarian cleric, saint and hermit, defender and patron of Bulgarian people, patron saint and founder of the biggest stauropegic monastery in Bulgaria – the Rila monastery.

Peter Deunov /1864-1944/ Bulgarian philosopher, founder of the religious-philosophical doctrine known as danovizm (White Brotherhood). The scientist Einstein said about him: “All the world bows before me, and I bow before the spiritual master Peter Deunov from Bulgaria”.

 John Atanasov /1903-1995/ – American with Bulgarian origin, physicist, mathematician, inventor of the first electronic, non-programmable computer.

Vanga /1911-1996/ Bulgarian prophetess, clairvoyant who possessed the gift to predict the future.

Georgi Ivanov /born in 1940/ – the first Bulgarian astronaut launched into orbit around the Earth on April 10, 1979, with an international crew: Nikolay Rukavishnikov – Commander of the flight from Baykonur Cosmodrome.

Valya Balkanska /born in 1942/ declared as resident of the planet. Singer of the song: “Izlel is Delyu haydutin” which is included in the Voyager Golden Record of USA spacecraft.

 Alexander Alexandrov /born in 1951/ the second Bulgarian astronaut from 7th until 17th of June, 1988. He was a p

Useful information:

–           Exchange rate: € 1.00 ~ 2.00 BGN leva

The price is calculated on the basis of 45 tourists and fuel price actual to 01.01.2017

The TOUR OPERATOR reserves the right to change the trip schedule /program/ in order to be visited more tourist sites

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